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Human Practices

Although nowadays it is easy to find any information you seek for, there is also a great problem of society's disinformation. The scientific community is rather closed and rarely present its work to audiences not related to science. As a consequence, society's beliefs are formed by low-quality online newspapers and other unreliable sources, often providing readers with inaccurate information. We considered this problem to be very serious, therefore we organised many public events in order to communicate with the society. We organised lectures to provide society with quality information, workshops and science centres’ visits to show the scientific work close up and some interactive events to engage interest in life sciences on the whole.

Concerning our project, we worked hard to create the best possible product: we consulted with specialists on PKU, genetic engineering, molecular biology and other important topics; analysed the needs of PKU patients – our potential users - by communicating with them closely; conducted a survey to sum up the best ways of team managing, which helped us to distribute the work among team members; created an association, to ease the communication with society, public and private sectors.


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