Mutagenesis Library

In the process of building a mutagenesis library, XJTLU-CHINA iGEM team designs a method utilizing bacteriophage error-prone replicase to obtain a large amount of mutated DNA sequence in a fairly short time. This in vivo method weakens the requirements in the prevalent method on targets of interest and has high efficiency in obtaining random mutations.

One-step Expression
of Mutated Genes

Apart from high efficiency, target protein can be directly generated by the expression of target DNA from our mutagenesis library. It is rather convenient without adding any other transcription structures on target gene. Large amounts of proteins that may have different structures or functions can be obtained.

Less Effort
More Scores

Our highly randomized mutation system in vivo is a more economical choice to extract specific sequences. One of the profound applications is that in the field of proteomics, using in vivo mutagenesis strategy to obtain desired DNA sequence is far more efficient, which allows researchers to obtain large scales of protein and their related DNA sequences.