Welcome to judging in iGEM 2016! If you’re new to iGEM, you’re probably trying to make sense of our requirements, medal criteria, part submission guidelines and other facets of iGEM so that you can present a great project at the Giant Jamboree.

We made many changes to judging in 2015, so for the 2016 season we are focusing on consolidation. We don't intend to make too many changes to how the judging functions, only to take the best of judging and make it even better!

Information for Judges

2016 Judging Handbook

The 2016 iGEM Judging Handbook is now available! The interactive pdf will help judges (and teams) through the evaluation process at the iGEM 2016 competition.

Click to download!

Judging at iGEM

Judging during iGEM focuses on evaluating team projects and presentations, while providing constructive and positive feedback to the teams. It is an integral part of iGEM's success and we hope you consider joining our voluntary judging team!