Judging/Judging Forms

For instructions on how to make the appropriate edits to your Award Pages in order to be evaluated for an award, see the Instructions for Award Pages.

iGEM 2016 Judging Forms

Judging Forms serve an important purpose in iGEM by allowing you and your team to communicate your achievements with the judges. When judges evaluate your team, they will look at your wiki, see your presentation and come visit you at your poster. But judges have many wikis to evaluate and sometimes pages can be hard to find. They also might not know which of your parts is the best one, or the one they should evaluate for the "Best New Basic Part" or "Best New Composite Part" award.

The judging form allows you to communicate this information to the Judges so they don't miss the most important pages on your wiki and your best parts. Judging forms are based on medal criteria, so make sure you have met the medal criteria for your track. Please note that unless you're participating in a Special Track, your medal requirements are based on the medal criteria for all teams.

New to judging forms in 2016

We are introducing a few small changes to judging forms in 2016. We recommend that teams do not use a web package such as boomerang that does not allow the creation of urls, as your pages will not be accessible to our system and the judges won't know for which awards you are eligible. Where teams did this last year, the judging form failed to detect award eligibility for these teams and for the judges to not be able to evaluate all areas of the teams project.

To help teams know which pages judges will evaluate and to help the judges find those pages, we will provide links to evaluated pages on your wiki that the judges will see in the judging form. These pages are called Evaluated Pages.

These pages will help avoid broken links and allow us to use software to calculate the number of characters on the page. Using these calculations and the 150 word description on the judging form will inform judges if they should look at your page and consequently, evaluate your team for an award.

There is one exception to the evaluated pages awards system. This is the Plants award, as it was included after the creation of the template wikis. To be eligible for this award, you will need to work on plants in your project and you will need to only write a paragraph in the Plants award section of the judging form.

Special Track Medal Criteria

Special Track teams are evaluated in a slightly different way to regular teams. Software teams might not make parts, for example, so it would not be fair to evaluate them according to the same criteria. Special Tracks have different evaluation and medal criteria. Please see the criteria for Special Tracks on the medals page for more information.

Judging Form Deadlines

The judging forms are open and must be completed by the 14th of October. Please note this deadline is the week before wiki freeze.

Judging Form Notes

  1. You must complete your judging form by filling in the 150 word description boxes AND editing the required link page on your wiki.
  2. You don't need to finish all wiki pages by the 14th of October, but you MUST remove the alert box for any awards you plan to compete for. See here for more information: http://2016.igem.org/Judging/Pages_for_Awards/Instructions
  3. You MUST create part pages for all parts that you intend to submit for medal criteria and for part awards. You cannot add part pages to the judging form after the judging form deadline. You do not need to finish these pages before the judging form deadline, but the pages MUST have the alert div removed.
  4. You don't need to submit parts by the judging form deadline. However, you MUST send parts by the "ship-by" deadline at 11:59 PM EDT on the 21st of October for those parts to count towards medal criteria and part awards. Some part number boxes may say [Not Submitted]. This message will change when you enter a part shipment number before the 21st of October part deadline.
  5. The judging form MUST be finalized on Friday 14th. You can not come back to edit it later and you will not be eligible for any awards that you don't tell us about on the judging form.

Judging Form links

You can access your judging form by clicking on your team name and selecting judging form at the top.