Poster Requirements

  • Each team gets to present one (1) poster during the Giant Jamboree
  • Poster dimensions cannot exceed 4 ft x 4 ft (1.22 m x 1.22 m)
  • Students on the team must present the poster during the scheduled poster sessions at the Giant Jamboree
  • Teams must print their poster prior to the Giant Jamboree and bring it with them
  • Teams must submit a PDF copy of their poster to iGEM Headquarters at the Giant Jamboree

Teams should also read through our Poster Guidelines. These are not requirements, but rather suggestions on how to prepare your poster.

Teams may also want to look at Telling Your Story, a page which offers some guidance and examples for presenting your work. It's focused on crafting your wiki, but includes some general tips and tricks that may be helpful for both your poster and oral presentation.

Printing at the Giant Jamboree

Onsite printing services are available through FedEx at the Hynes Convention Center. For details, please visit their website: Hynes Convention Center Fedex.

Presenting Your Poster at the Giant Jamboree

This year, we have three scheduled poster sessions - one each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. Each team is expected to present their poster at all three sessions, but you may divide the presentation schedule up among your team members so your entire team does not need to attend each session.


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