Presentation Requirements

  • Each team is allowed to present one (1) presentation during the Giant Jamboree (please note: talks are randomly assigned to the schedule)
  • Presentations cannot exceed 20 minutes in length
  • Students on the team must present the presentation; there is no limit to how many students may present
  • Only students on the team roster can answer questions during the Q&A session. Advisors, instructors and PIs are not permitted to answer questions about the project.
  • Teams must bring a laptop or other device and any special adapters for using a projector at the Giant Jamboree

Teams should also read through our Presentation Guidelines. These are not requirements, but rather suggestions on how to prepare your talk.

Teams may also want to look at Telling Your Story, a page which offers some guidance and examples for presenting your work. It's focused on crafting your wiki, but includes some general tips and tricks that may be helpful for both your poster and oral presentation.


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