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Plant Synthetic Biology in iGEM

iGEM is excited to support plant synthetic biology for the 2016 season! We hope that this new initiative will help encourage new teams and support existing teams that use plant synthetic biology in their project to help them answer questions surrounding real world problems.

We decided against having a new Plant Track this year since it would prevent plant teams from exploring exciting new applications that would be a better fit for one of our existing Tracks. It would also go against the current focus of the existing iGEM Tracks, since a Plant Track would be about the chassis rather than the topic that teams explore.

New Special Prize: Best Advancement in Plant Synthetic Biology!

We are exited to announce that we will have a new plant synthetic biology prize that teams can compete for this year! Like our other Special Prizes, teams will self-nominate their team for this prize on their Judging Form prior to the Giant Jamboree. Details for this new prize are now posted!

Plant Committee

Teams working in plant synthetic biology for the 2016 competition have a new resource available to them: the iGEM Plant Committee! Do you have questions for a plant syn bio expert? Please contact our Plant Committee for help by emailing plants AT igem DOT org!

Committee Members
Professor Jim Haseloff, Cambridge University
Dr. Nicola Patron, The Sainsbury Laboratory
Dr. Diego Orzaez, IBMCP
Professor Heribert Warzecha, TU Darmstadt

Interested in joining the Plant Committee? Please email Traci Haddock-Angelli (traci AT igem DOT org) at iGEM HQ for more information!

Plant Syn Bio

Are you looking to learn more about plant synthetic biology? Do you want to see if this is something you can do in your lab? Are you a new team looking to get into plant synthetic biology for the 2016 iGEM competition? Or are you a returning plant team and want to see how plants and iGEM are interacting this year?

If you answered yes to any of these, please check out our new Plant Synthetic Biology and iGEM Page!


This year, iGEM HQ is supporting a new standard for the assembly of plant parts: PhytoBricks, an assembly standard based on the Golden Gate and MoClo systems that utilizes Type IIS restriction enzymes in a one-pot reaction.

Teams working with plants can submit their new parts either as BioBricks or as PhytoBricks for 2016!

For more information, please check out our new PhytoBricks Page!