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Due July 15, 2016

This form is for you to tell us about your laboratory space and your safety equipment. If you need help, please consult your faculty advisor or laboratory manager. You can also read the Safety page and the Risk Groups page for basic information about different types of biology labs.

  • We encourage STUDENTS, instead of instructors, to complete this form.
  • While you type, this form will remember your answers. When you are finished, press the "Submit" button at the bottom to send your form to the iGEM Safety Committee.
  • Submit this form by Friday, July 15, 2016. If your project changes later, send an email to safety (AT) igem (DOT) org. Then you can un-submit your form, edit your answers, and submit again.
  • If you will not be able to complete the About Our Lab form before the deadline, email us before July 15 and tell us about your situation.

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1. What is the Safety Level of your lab? [Help about Risk Groups and Safety Levels]

iGEM teams should not use Risk Group 3 or 4 organisms, and they should not work in Safety Level 3 or 4 labs.

If you are planning to work at Safety Level 3 or 4, contact safety (AT) igem (DOT) org right away!!

2. Which work areas do you use to handle biological materials? Please check all that apply.

3. a) Have your team members received any safety training yet?

  • Yes, we have already received safety training.
  • We plan to receive safety training in the future (approximately when?):
  • We will not have safety training (please comment):

3. b) Please briefly describe the topics that you learned about (or will learn about) in your safety training.

3. c) Who provided your safety training? Did you get training from multiple people? (For example: university biosafety office, your team PIs/instructors, etc.)

4. Who is responsible for the safety of biology labs at your institution? What are the guidelines for laboratory biosafety? Please give a link to these guidelines, or briefly describe them if you cannot give a link.

5. In your country / region, what are the laws and regulations that govern biosafety in research laboratories? Please give a link to these regulations, or briefly describe them if you cannot give a link.

6. Any further comments about your lab:

7. Comments about this form: Is it easy or difficult to use? Are the questions confusing?


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