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$5,000 grant to accelerate synthetic biology through CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing

Is your iGEM team looking to use the hottest gene editing technology to advance important research and clinical problems? The CRISPR/Cas9 technology has quickly revolutionized gene editing, with significant implications on the advancement of synthetic biology. In 2016, GenScript is calling for iGEM team proposals that advance the application of CRISPR/Cas9 in synthetic biology. In addition, GenScript is also offering 20% off gene synthesis and cloning services to help them with their projects!

Call for Proposals – CRISPR/Cas9

Proposals due June 30, 2016

This year, GenScript is requesting project proposals from iGEM teams that focus on the CRISPR technology.

Potential projects include:

  • Developing new gRNA design tools
  • Engineering CRISPR to power therapeutics development
  • Harnessing CRISPR for more accurate genome editing in organisms other than mammalian, such as plant, yeast, bacteria, etc.

Reward Details:

  • Up to 10 teams will be awarded a $5,000 grant
  • Funds will be available by June 30, 2016

Proposal and application

  • Download proposal details
  • Proposal must be emailed to igem (at) genscript (dot) com by May 1, 2016. Teams will be notified of their award by May 30, 2016.

Special promotion: receive 20% off Gene Synthesis and Cloning Services

GenScript is also providing a special discount for all iGEM teams! Each team can receive 20% off gene synthesis and cloning services.

To receive the discount, use the promo code iGEM2016MB20%OFF and include your team name when you place the quote. The discount is available until October 31, 2016.


Synthetic Biology and GenScript

The rapidly expanding science of synthetic biology is a field that GenScript, the leading synthetic biology company in the world and the No. 1 gene synthesis supplier in North America, has helped pioneer since 2002. Since de novo gene synthesis is not dependent on naturally occurring DNA templates, sequences can be generated that encode for novel proteins, metabolic circuits or whole genomes. With the advent of novel DNA parts, there are few limitation towards advancing synthetic biology.

The discovery of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology has vastly accelerated the field of synthetic biology, enabling the development of novel cell lines and synthesis of important metabolites and proteins. With a license from the only CRISPR patent holder, GenScript strives to facilitate CRISPR research by offering a variety of gRNA constructs, genome-wide libraries, as well as CRISPR-edited mammalian cell lines and microbes. In 2016, GenScript is offering sponsorship opportunities for iGEM teams striving to advance the potential of CRISPR gene editing.

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