Team:ColegioFDR Peru


The Roosevelt Way

Who are we?

We are a Peruvian iGEM team from the international school Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Our team is composed of 19 members, all of which have a passion for synthetic biology and solving our targeted local problem through it.

The Problem

Nine percent of the Peruvian population does not have access to electricity. Though this might seem like a small number, it is an issue that affects 2.7 million Peruvians. Furthermore, a large quantity of the Peruvians who do have electricity have a poor one, often with a single light bulb to light their whole home.

Our Solution

Manufacture a bioluminescent bacteria and incorporate it into reading lamps to distribute to the poor. This was done through the theoretical the extraction of lux genes (A through G) from the bacteria V. fischeri, and these genes implantation within E. coli (DH5-Alpha Strain) to produce bioluminescence.