Oh hello there,I am Charlie,a trusty member of the "Herb Tasters" and also the brainiest E. coli in the colony.
 I know all the secrets of Chinese herbs and their magical healing powers.
 If you are up to a challenge,find me at team HSiTW at the jamboree.
 I am the one in a straw hat,showing them pearls.I will be waiting.

 Hi there! My name is Nu Zhen Chi. This is how I look like.
  Take a closer look; guess which part of me is used as medicine?
(1) the root
(2) the stem
(3) the leaf
(4) the seed

 Ans.(4) the seed
 Name: 女貞子 (Nu Zhen Chi)
 Botanical Name: Ligustrum lucidum Aiton
 I can treat people who are yin deficient, and liver problems that cause dizziness,cataract of the eyes,
lower back pain, premature graying of the hair and tinnitus.

 Hello! My name is Chuan Xiong. This is how I look like.
 Make a guess, which part of me is used as medicine?
(1) the root
(2) the stem
(3) the leaf
(4) the seed

 Ans.(1) the root
 Name: 川芎 (Chuan Xiong)
 Botanical Name: Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort
 I help with blood regulation to prevent relevant to blood stasis and non-stop bleeding.I can also strengthen your qi circulation.
 In addition, I relieve you of physical pain, such as headaches, abdominal aches, chest pain, and muscle pain.
 Finally, I free the ladies of menstrual disorders and amenorrhea.

 What’s up? My name is Dang Gui. I can:
(1) stop coughing
(2) regulate mense
(3) reduce internal heat

 Ans.(2) Regulate mense
 Name: 當歸 (Dang Gui)
 Botanical Name: Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels
 I can remove blood stasis and clots, so I am usually used to regulate menses,lubricate intestines to correct constipation, reduce swelling, expel pus.

 臧堃堂 (2005) 中華材輕百科-現代版本草綱目,山岳文化出版社,台北
 Non-Profit Organization Brion Research Institute of Taiwan.
 Chinese Herb Gallery. Jade Institute
 Herbal Glossary. Shen-Nong- Chinese Traditional Medicine
 Thank you for Non-Profit Organization Brion Resaerch Institute of Taiwan that provide us Chinese herbs and photos.

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  • Arsenic

    • Introduction
    • Regulation
    • Circuit Design and Parts
    • Results
  • Arsenic


    Arsenic contamination is severe problem which affects millions of people all around the world. As(III) compounds such as AsH3 and As2O3 are easily absorbed by human body, and when excessive arsenic is absorbed, it will wreck our immune system and destroy our cell’s ability to redox reaction, this will affect the metabolism of the cell. Also, it can damage our DNA and inhibit the DNA repair. Causing poison, cancer and even death.

    Arsenic and Arsenic Toxicity

    There are two kinds of arsenic, organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic and inorganic arsenic is more toxic to human among the two, and can cause devastating effects to our body.

    Exposure Source or Route

    Water, which irrigates plants, is most likely to be contaminated by arsenic. The plants will absorb arsenic, if water that irrigates it is contaminated, and people will be poisoned.


    Taiwan Regulation

    The limit of arsenic formulated by Ministry of Health and Welfare is 5ppm.

    Circuit Design and Parts

    Circuit fig:



    ArsR, which is constantly produced protein which represses the gene expression downstream and also represses itself by binding to ArsR binding site upstream. When inducer arsenates or arsenites exists in our E. coli. ArsR loses affinity to the operator, and the gene circuit will be switched on. Then, E. coli will produce and express green fluorescence.

    Our modelling result fits with our real data very well. Our hill coefficient is 1.0077.