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Welcome to the Wiki Site for the 2016 iGEM team from Kingsborough Community College, part of the City University of New York System. Kingsborough is ranked one of the top four community colleges in the country, and is located near Manhattan Beach on the southern shores of Brooklyn. Our campus beach faces the area where the Atlantic ocean meets the Rockway inlet, which leads to nearby Jamaica Bay.

The 2016 Kingsborough iGEM team is the first team from Kingsborough, first from CUNY, and also was the only community college represented at the 2016 Giant Jamboree in Boston. Our project this year addressed the problem of nitrogen removal in wastewater treamtent, a problem which has effected the local ecosystem of Jamaica Bay. We sought to address this problem by adding an ammonia oxidation pathway to E. coli to more efficiently degrade nitrogenous waste.

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