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Team Macquarie Australia

We are a team of 33 students from Sydney NSW, Australia. As far as iGEM goes, we are a big group of students, and as a team we have had to work collectively together to deliver our project for 2016. Our team’s participation in the iGEM competition runs parallel to the coursework in the Biomolecular Capstone unit offered at Macquarie University, which limited the time available to us. The team’s work on the project began in August of 2016 and still continues whilst others have been working all year. As such, we are not your typical iGEM team. Like the Macquarie Australia teams before us, we have found our own way of doing things to complete our project in time. We are excited and proud to deliver Team Macquarie_Australia’s 2016 iGEM Project.

Chlorophyll Biosynthesis

FolioEmelio        NalinKataria

DominicScopelliti       JonLai

Photosystem II Synthesis

TomCollier       ShaunaWinchester

StefanieSinemoglou       LachlanGray


Hydrogen Production

LorraineHalahala       HoudaDarwich



SimoneHargraves        MabelTan

JoelVeide       GeraldineSullivan      


YeoJinCheong       JaydenRouse

RizellRonan       ErwinDaSilvaGruener


Human Practices

AstridBennet       FinnEdwards

GeorgioPanousos       EmilySells

Wiki Team

AashraySood       ManrukaChandra


Lab Support

MarkNicoletti       MoiraAnn

CarlBanting       JoshuaLim