Team:Northwestern/06 20


Monday, June 20th


  • Make TSS Buffer
  • Make Competent Cells
  • Transform parts out of the iGEM registry


Jordan, Paul, & Shu

  • Made TSS
    • 5g of PEG 8000
    • 2.5mL of DMSO
    • 1.5mL of 1M MgCl
  • Filtered LB
    • Used 10mL syringe filter to sterilize
    • Stored on ice
  • Made QuickCompetent Cells
    • Diluted 5 tubes of cells up to 5mL in culture tubes at 10:30am
    • Removed at 2:20 at OD600=0.37
    • Resuspended practice plasmid DNA in 100mL of dH2O, vortexed, spun down
    • Transformed cells with 5μL of resuspended DNA
  • Followed iGEM transformation procedures
    • Incubated for 1hr 45min