Team:Northwestern/06 22


Wednesday, June 22nd


  • Check over the GenScript grant
  • Update experiment presentation
  • Research Questions
  • Troubleshooting the transformation
  • iGEM safety sheets
  • FITC dilutions
  • Website CSS


Paul & Sara

  • Troubleshooting the transformation
    • Followed the competent cell protocol from the third boot camp with the cells we grew overnight
    • Placed 5 mL LB and 50 uL of cell culture into each Falcon tube, then placed in the incubator for ~3 hours
    • After making competent cells, we followed the iGEM transformation protocol using the competent cells made that day, competent cells that Kelly brought us as a control, and control competent cells with kanamycin resistance
    • With these controls, we should get a better idea of whether the transformation failure was due to the DNA volume typo on the iGEM page, bad chloramphenicol, or badly made competent cells.
    • Incubated overnight

Sam & Tasfia

  • FITC dilutions
    • The Ludox from the iGEM interlab kit was not suspended properly
    • Absorbance was 1.2 instead of 0.4
    • Emailed iGEM HQ asking them to resend the Ludox


  • Researched questions that Patrick pointed out, ClyA and LPS toxicity, as well as where in/on the body OMVs can be applied
  • Worked on the website
  • Helped with the plate reader


  • Worked on the team logo


  • Worked with Genome Compiler and looked into designing plasmids
  • Emailed sponsors
  • More background research
  • Meeting with sponsor at Fri. 10:30


  • Did the dilutions
  • Helped with the Genscript grant


  • Emailed CTD to set up outreach opportunities
  • Set up lab tours for high school kids on July 8, Mike and Josh’s labs
  • Helped plate