Team:Northwestern/08 18


Thursday, August 18th



  • Ran RTW PCR of Cas9 for SS with Sara
  • Inoculated overnight cultures of JC8031 and JC8031-pClyA-GFP-His6
  • Gel extracted linearized Cas9 for signal sequences


  • Ran gel for linearized Cas9 and linearized mRFP
  • Ran gel for 8/16/16 gibson reaction products
    • 1: 2kb Ladder
    • 3: Cas9 Gibson with TorA signal (expected size: ~5kb; parts: ~5k, ~300bp)
    • 5: Cas9 Gibson with INP fusion (expected size: ~6kb; parts: ~5kb, ~1kb)
    • 7: mRFP Gibson with gRNA (expected size: ~4kb; parts: ~3.5kb, 400bp)
    • 9: Gibson kit positive control
    • 10: No Gibson mix negative control w/ Cas9 and TorA (expected sizes: ~5kb, ~300bp)


  • Worked on presentation for profs
  • Helped set up GFP/mCherry PCR (Thush did it)
  • Troubleshoot Gibson with Kelly


  • Finally put research in the research doc
  • Looked over presentation for tomorrow
  • Started designing antibiotics forum