Team:Pittsburgh/Basic Part

All of our Basic Parts are listed below. The one we found most useful for our project was the pT7 Toehold, Part BBa_K2084002. Part BBa_K2084002 contains a pT7 and a 5'UTR toehold switch that blocks translation of a gene placed downstream unless it is bound and unfolded by a DNA/RNA trigger molecule. As the data below suggests, this toehold switch provides a powerful regulatory element in any circuit and expression of the reporter is dependent on the concentration of the toeholdswitch in a cell-free reaction. For this specific trigger, see Pardee et. al. 2014. The sequence of the activating oligo trigger is AAGACAATGGTAAGTAGTAATAGATA. For more information about toehold switches and our work with them, visit the Toehold Switch sections in the Project Overview, Experiments, and Results sections.

Part Name

Part Description

Part Number

T3 Promoter Promoter for the T3 RNA Polymerase BBa_K2084000
T3 RNA Polymerase Encodes the T3 RNAP BBa_K2084001
pT7 Toehold Regulatory ribosome binding site with T7 RNAP promoter BBa_K2084002
pT3 with RBS T3 promoter with an RBS site added BBa_K2084004