Team:TP CC SanDiego/Attributions


All the work not mentioned here was done by the students in the team, including the preliminary literary research. With the help and guidance from those mentioned below, members of the lab team performed the lab work at the La Jolla Riford Library Lab Space, with some members performing plasmid assembly and diagnostic experiments at the J. Craig Venter Institute. The wiki and website were created by members of the website team through their previous understanding and skills adopted throughout the year. The poster, logo, banner, and t-shirts were designed by the poster team. Human practices was led by a core group of project leaders and contributed to by all members.


Lab Team:

  1. Anthony Kang

  2. Daniel Rim

  3. Nathan Rim

  4. Clare Gao

  5. Malvika Jain

  6. Priyanka Multani

  7. Gitanjali Multani

Website Team:

  1. Abishek Chozhan

  2. Jodie Hoh

  3. Rohith Kodukula

Poster Team:

  1. Jodie Hoh

  2. Stella Chung

  3. Karishma Shah

  4. Kishan Shah

  5. Minha Kim

  6. Jacey Yang

Human Practices Team:

  1. Alice Jin

  2. Karishma Shah

  3. Kishan Shah

  4. Rachel Lian

  5. Jonathan Kuo

  6. Maxine Sy Chu

  7. Joshua Chung

  8. Cecilia Lee


We would like to thank Dr. Callen Hyland of the La Jolla Riford Library's Lab Space for providing lab space and supplies for our experiments; also, we are grateful for the support of Dr. Philip Weyman of the J. Craig Venter Institute for providing us with certain reagents and materials, plasmid assembly and protein expression advice, as well as lab space for data analysis.

We would also like to thank the members' families for providing us with financial support and donations to help fund our project, as well as all the students who supported us during our team fundraisers.