We had the distinct honor to collaborate with the following teams with surveys along with advice for each other’s projects:


We filled out a survey for NTHU_Taiwan, and they filled out our survey as well. Our teams were both in discussion about specific areas of our project. When either of us ran into problems in the lab, they were a great resource for us to go to for advice.


This year we helped the TU_Delft team by filling out their survey. This year, they were looking to research the influence of iGEM among other things other than science, such as education and policy. They developed a survey about last year’s competition that will be used as the starting point of this year's research.


We filled out a questionnaire to help Team AHUT_China learn about how much we know about DNA calculation and path planning.

Korea USeoul

This team is interested in hosting an Asia Regional Symposium , and they created a survey to help them better plan the event. We helped them out by participating in this survey.


This team is focusing on a gene expression toolkit for their project this year. They asked for inside advice from fellow iGEMers and we accomplished this by filling out a questionnaire that gives them a better idea on what would be beneficial in a toolkit.