Synthetic genetic oscillators have long been of interest to the scientific community. Our team has constructed a special oscillator gene circuit manipulating two quorum sensing autoinducers to change periodically, and reach their peak value alternately. Inspired by Enigma machine, we intend to use our oscillator circuit to make a biological cipher machine, which is able to encrypt and decipher information consisting of two basic elements. In our design, green and red fluorescence stand for two basic elements of input and output. When one protein reaches its threshold value, a corresponding gene circuit will be triggered, either to retain the original element, or to change it to the other one. Using this method, we could realize the periodic conversion of a code book, which is hard to be deciphered. We hope this design can be an innovative attempt to apply synthetic biology to information safety from the aspect of interdiscipline.
The video below intends to introduce our project as the enigma machine.