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Plate Reader / Cuvette Protocols

UPDATE JULY 15: The protocol has now been updated and is ready to use! If you did your experiments with the protocol from before July 15th, please let us know that when you submit your data to us.
UPDATE AUGUST 20: We have decided to do the second stage of data processing internally; Sheet #2 will not be needed. Please just send sheet #1 and fill in the protocol form.

We have provided detailed instructions, included background material, in the PDF below (InterLab_2016_Plate_Reader_Protocol.pdf). We recommend that each team downloads this protocol when carrying out the experiments and copy any notes on those pages and in your lab notebook. Once you have completed your protocol, you can then fill out the Google Form by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page (Plate Reader Form). This Plate Reader Form is a form version of the protocol and asks for specific details from your experiments. If you cannot access the Google Form, please email us at measurement AT igem DOT org.

All teams using a plate reader (or similar, such as a fluorimeter) to measure GFP must finish the following items to fulfill the InterLab:

  1. Download the two Excel Files below (Sheet_1 and Sheet_2) and fill them out with your data.
  2. Email your completed Excel files to measurement (AT) igem (DOT) org
  3. Fill in the Plate Reader Form provided at the bottom of this page
  4. Create an InterLab study page on your team wiki (please use this format:

Download the Sheet_1 Excel file here: TeamName_iGEM2016_InterLab_Sheet_1.xls

Download the Sheet_2 Excel file here: The Sheet_2 Excel file is no longer needed.

Download the Protocol PDF file here: InterLab_iGEM2016_Plate_Reader_Protocol.pdf

Plate Reader Form