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Congratulations to all iGEM 2016 teams!

iGEM is proud to recognize all 5,600 participants across 42 countries
who took part in the iGEM 2016 Competition.

Thank you for devoting yourselves to iGEM this year.
Your work is truly worth celebrating and an inspiration to all.

iGEM 2016 Results

Grand Prize Winner

1st Runner-Up

2nd Runner-Up

High School





View complete list of results by visiting the iGEM 2016 Results page.

Team Projects

Submit Your Team Presentation and Poster PDFs!

All teams must submit a PDF version of their team presentation and team poster! Please name your files using the following format: 2016_TeamName_Presentation.pdf and 2016_TeamName_Poster.pdf


Judging Feedback now available

See what judges thought of your project. Access comments and voting details for your team by following the link below.


Give Your Feedback

As we strive to make each year better then the one before, we ask for your impressions of iGEM. Tell us what you liked about the participating in iGEM and the Giant Jamboree and how we can make it better.

View complete list of team projects by visiting the iGEM 2016 Team Project page.

iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree

Giant Jamboree photos

Photographs from the Giant Jamboree have been posted to the iGEM Flickr account!


Attribute all photos to 'iGEM Foundation and Justin Knight'

Highlights video

Re-live the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree through this highlights video!


Attribute video to 'iGEM Foundation and Sargent Production Services'
Learn more by visiting the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree page.

iGEM 2016 Main Page Archive

Learn more about the iGEM 2016 Competition by visiting the iGEM 2016 Main Page Archive

iGEM 2017

Join us for the 2017 Giant Jamboree, taking place November 9-13, 2017, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston!
Learn more by visiting iGEM 2017

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