Collaboration with the Gaston Day School iGEM Team

Henna Saqibo, Lilith Tang, Parth Patel, and William Henry conversing over project plans.

We collaborated with the Gaston Day School team this year to provide advice and analysis of their project. We maintained a line of communication and advised their team on how to proceed with Arabinose Induction to characterize certain part submissions. We sent them a specialized E. coli strain optimized for Arabinose Induction to replace the E. Coli K-12 strain that was being used. This specialized strain has been used in our lab from North Carolina and sent to them. We consulted our faculty mentor and engaged in thorough troubleshooting of their issues such that errors in procedures were identified and modified for better experimental results. We sent Parth Patel, a graduate of the Gaston Day iGEM team, to personally discuss plans, identify courses of action, and relay samples, creating a solid bridge of information and aid to the team. We analyzed a colicin sample transformed in the pSB1C3 backbone through gel electrophoresis and sent back sequencing results that could not have been readily obtained by the team to determine the status of their transformations and further troubleshoot procedures. Following the competition we will continue to aid the team by doing transformations of colicin from original stocks into plates that contain antibiotic resistance so that the Gaston Day team's project may further progress from a solid baseline.