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Without libraries, what do we have? We have no past and no future. – Ray Bradbury

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Figure 1: BBa_K2082004 and BBa_K2082005 in pSB1C3 Backbone.
Libraries are a powerful tool in synthetic biology, but underestimated in iGEM. Unfortunately, the construction of a library is a difficult and time consuming task.

To supply this tool for following iGEM teams, we provided our designed Monobody library (BBa_K2082005) to the iGEM community, as implementation of a new category in iGEM parts registry. As a result, our unprecedented part collection includes not just a few parts, but rather over 100,000 distinct sequences of antibody mimetics, out of a theoretically size of over one billion (1,073,741,824) possible sequences which is the result of a sophisticated library design.
On top, we constructed and submitted a fundamental framework to construct further Monobody libraries or specific antibody mimetics. This part (BBa_K2082000) consists of the Monobody constant regions including RFP instead of variable regions, which can easily be replaced with randomized variable regions or a constant Monobody segment for a specific binder.
As a positive control for your designed Monobodies for example for colony PCRs or sequencings we supply one single binder of our library with device BBa_K2082009.

Additionally, we provide a protocol for our collection for using our library and even constructing your own library with our blindfold (BBa_K2082000).

By doing so we established libraries in iGEM and paved the way for every team to access the advantages of large diversity libraries as well as creating and submitting their own. This would push the iGEM parts registry extremely forward. It would be possible for all teams, to submit different plasmid libraries, encoding several binding proteins, enzymes, aptamers, or other useful proteins. So all following iGEM teams can build on it and screen the diversity for their desired protein with special properties.