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Our team truly believes that collaboration is what makes iGEM a unique competition, we met many of the iGEM teams during events or Skype calls and helped as much as we could for other teams to succeed in their project. It was awesome getting to know each one of them ! Thank you for this great summer ! We were happy to help out :
iGEM Evry by sharing widely their survey and characterising a BioBrick for them.
iGEM EPFL by being interviewed for their blog.
iGEM IONIS Paris and iGEM Evry by taking part to the European Experience where we met so many European teams.
iGEM LMU-TUM Munich by filling and sharing their survey.
iGEM Pasteur Paris and iGEM Paris Saclay by taking part to the Mini-Jamboree, where we presented our project and bonded with Parisian iGEM teams.
iGEM METU-HS Ankara by filling and sharing their survey.
iGEM Groningen by filling and sharing their survey.
iGEM IONIS Paris by measuring cell fluorescence of their transformant cells with flow cytometer.

Thank you for your help

We received precious samples of vineyards that were essential to the microbiology part of our project.
A true thanks to :
iGEM Macquarie Australia
iGEM UNSW Australia
iGEM Valencia UPV
iGEM UPF-CRG Barcelona

We received untreated unbleached cotton fabric for the assay platform we've designed and the binding domain part of our project.
A true thanks to :
iGEM IIT Madras
iGEM SZU-China

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Groningen Collaboration

Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI)
Faculty of Medicine Cochin Port-Royal, South wing, 2nd floor
Paris Descartes University
24, rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
75014 Paris, France
+33 1 44 41 25 22/25