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TU Delft iGEM team of 2016

Team Members

Our team consists of ten motivated students from Delft University of Technology, with interdisciplinary backgrounds. Hover on our faces to find out more about us or click on our names to go to our LinkedIn!

Liza de Wilde


I am a master student Nanobiology. This study program is both technical and biology orientated. Something I also find in the IGEM team. I think working together with people with diverse backgrounds in a team is a great opportunity that can extend my horizon.

Within the team I am the 'Modelling Manager'. This means that I am responsible for the modelling in the project to help the science department in the team. Furthermore I will play a role in the hardware development.

Outside the lab I enjoy cooking and making pies, dancing, and sailing.

Charlotte Koster


Hi! I am a master student Life Science & Technology. During my studies I got fascinated by the concept of synthetic biology, so joining iGEM was an obvious choice for me! I am the multitasker of the team. First of all, I'm responsible for the safety, which is an important aspect, we don't want our laser bugs to escape! Furthermore I do all the graphics, so each logo, figure of picture you see is made by me! Lastly, I also take care of a part of the hardware, which is an exciting new field for me, there's a lot to learn! Furthermore, I'll do a lot of labwork and some modelling, a taste of everything!

Whenever I'm not building organisms or laser setups I enjoy playing field hockey at Scoop, making music, going to festivals and concerts and traveling. You can probably imagine that I can't wait to present our laser-shooting-lens-bacteria with our awesome team in Boston!

Lycka Kamoen


I am a master student Life Science & Technology. I enjoy learning new things, which is why I decided to join the iGEM competition. Whithin the team I am the science manager, meaning that I am in charge of the research related aspects of our project. I hope to learn a lot during this competition, including guiding our own research.

Outside the lab I enjoy singing, cooking and having a drink with friends.

Tessa Vergroesen


I am a Nanobiology bachelor student and a member of the Delft student rowing association Proteus-Eretes. I joined iGEM because I think it will teach me a lot about synthetic biology and teamwork at the same time. I am this years’ wiki manager, meaning that the layout, content and design of our website will be my responsibility.

When I’m not studying, rowing or working on iGEM, you can find me relaxing in the sun, possibly enjoying a book, movie or my iPod.

Giannis Papazoglou


I am a Mechanical Engineering master student with track in Precision and Microsystems Engineering. I believe that the magic happens in multidisciplinary environments like the one we have in the iGEM team and when you leave your comfort zone to explore new ideas. That's why I decided to join a project so outside of my comfort zone and expertise.

In my free time I like to play and listen to music (if you need a drummer call me :) ), biking and traveling when I have the time.

María Vázquez Vitali



I am a Life Science & Technology master student from Barcelona. I joined the iGEM competition because I think it's a great opportunity to work in a team doing something we all like. My role in the team is lab manager, which means that I am in charge of everything that happens in the lab, in strong collaboration with the science manager.

When I'm not working on iGEM I enjoy reading, going to the cinema and spending time with friends.

Carmen Berends


I am a master student Life Science & Technology. In this study disciplines of among other things chemistry, biology and physics are used to understand the cell and to create novel useful applications with these cell. This is also one of the most important goals of iGEM, which is why I decided to join the team.

Within the team I am the Policy & Practice manager. This means that I am responsible for all the social, ethical and legal aspects of our project. Furthermore, I am in charge of the business plan we are planning to make.

Outside the lab I am an international fencer and I am selected for the European championships in Poland in June. I also like cooking and to have fun with friends.

Iris de Vries



I am an Aerospace engineering student. This obviously is an unconventional background for a member of the iGEM team, however, my interests lie more in the field of e.g. microbiology and not that much in the field of aerospace. Therefore, I am planning to (temporarily) leave engineering and continue my studies in Biomedicine next academic year.

The main reason I wanted to join the iGEM team is that I wanted to experience the actual work involved with synthetic biology and increase my knowledge. The focus of the iGEM competition on innovation and relevance appeals to me as well.

Lara van der Woude



I am a master student in Life Science & Technology and Science Communication. During my studies I became interested in synthetic biology. Something I think is exciting is that iGEM enables our team to create a promising science project from scratch and decide all steps in this innovation trajectory. Another part of iGEM that attracted my attention was its aim to create more public awareness and opening a debate on synthetic biology.

Within the team, I am the Financial Manager and responsible for external collaborations. I have to collect money, enabling us to do our experiments and I keep track of all our expenses.

When I’m not doing iGEM or studying, I am rowing at the Delft student rowing association Proteus-Eretes, enjoying life and nature in the sun or sleeping!

Célina Reuvers


I’m Célina, a bachelor student Nanobiology. The idea to start a project from scratch is how iGEM attracted me. I also enjoy the challenge of bringing everything you learned into practice and experience the limits of your knowledge. Working in a team, with students from different backgrounds has already been really educational.

In the team I am the PR (Public Relations) manager. This means that I form the intercessor for the contact with the media. Besides that I update our social media with nice photos and our activities.

Outside of iGEM I play mandolin and guitar, ride on my horse or enjoy a good workout at the gym. If the weather allows it, I like skating and running. On top of that I love to bake a nice pie or cake, which is never a bad thing when you have a group of this many girls.

Team Advisors

Dr. Anne Meyer

Primary PI

Dr. Timon Idema

Secondary PI
Timon Idema

ing. Esengül Yildirim


Dr. Greg Bokinsky


Helena Shomar Monges MSc.


Jorine Eeftens MSc.


Dominik Schmieden MSc.


Fun Activities

Besides eating a lot of cake and pizza, we also organized some fun activities with the whole team this summer!

Weekend in Een, Drenthe | 15-17th July

It’s important to get to know each other when you spend such a great amount of time together working on iGEM. This why we organized a weekend away with the team. We went to a small village, Een, in Drenthe, a province in the Netherlands. It was a nice break from working in the office and lab. We took a relaxing walk, cooked together, had a barbecue, and spent the evenings by playing games, and drinking wine and cocktails. On the last day the weather was so nice, that we decided to take a swim in a lake nearby. This lake lies in a tiny place called Amerika, which we thought was quite funny.

Weekend in Paris, France | 1st-3rd July

The weekend of the European Experience also provided us with the opportunity to do fun activities together that are not related to iGEM. For some of us it was the first time in Paris so we wanted to do some touristic stuff. We all enjoyed getting lost walking around the city and visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, etc.

BBQ at Lycka's | 23rd June

When the weather is nice in the Netherlands there are barbecues everywhere, so we also had a barbecue. We had a lot of food and a typical Dutch ending to out barbecue: eating inside, because of the rain.

Transfer Dinner | 23rd March

We organized a transfer dinner to get to know our predecessors and to learn more about the iGEM competition. Even our secondary PI showed up to the dinner. We ended the night with a party in one of the few discos in Delft.


Our team appeared in multiple local newspapers and magazines.



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