Is your team organizing a Team Meetup during the 2016 competition season? Want to meet fellow iGEMers?

Meetup events are happening around the world. Teams share ideas, help each other, and spend time with their fellow iGEMers! There is the opportunity to have a representative from Headquarters come to your event!

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Giant Jamboree

BeNeLux Meetup

Location: Wageningen
Date: May 21

Dear iGEM-teams,
We, the iGEM team Wageningen 2016, would like to invite you to the first BeNeLux iGEM meet-up in Wageningen.
If you would like to attend, please state your name and team in a post on our Facebook link above. Everyone involved in iGEM is welcome and especially members of previous teams are welcome to come and share their experiences.
Please spread the word and we hope to see you soon in Wageningen!

Nordic Meetup

Location: Stockholm
Date: June 17 - June 19

This year we are hosting the Nordic iGEM Conference in Stockholm at the student association house on KTH campus.
The dates are set to the 17-19th of June. We will send you more information if you are interested and maybe even discuss some activities we are planning on having during the event where we would love for you to be involved.

For more information see our meetup website.

NEGEM Meetup

Location: Boston
Date: June 24

The BostonU iGEM teams invite you to participate in the fourth annual New England iGEM (NEGEM) Team Meetup!
NEGEM will have two meetups for 2016 - the first in June (to get feedback on team ideas) and the second in October (to prepare for the Jamboree!).

European iGEM Meetup in Paris

Location: Paris
Date: July 2 - July 3
More information:

iGEM IONIS and iGEM EVRY invite you to the EUROPEAN Experience in PARIS !
Montmartre, the Eiffel tower, wine, cheese.. don’t stop at those images but come and see by yourselves !
The 2nd and 3rd of July, save the date to participate to the first gathering of European teams participating in iGEM Competition !
Program : A poster session on Saturday morning in which each team can show how amazing is its project (and an extremely good opportunity for establishing new collaborations!), 2 round tables in the afternoon with the most active synthetic biologists from Paris region and a very cool party at night! All this surrounded by food and drinks of course émoticône smile Then on Sunday morning we will make you see all the beauty of Paris !
What to expect? A whole week end of fun, conference, discussions, party and more ;)
Want to know more about it?
Follow the link :
Discover our trailer here:
Register here: Registation
Or you can contact us on :

Mid-Atlantic Meetup

Location: University of Maryland
Date: July 22
More information:
Contact: umarylandigem AT gmail DOT com

You are invited to UMaryland iGEM's second annual Mid-Atlantic Jamboree! Come to meet and network with other fellow iGEMmers, present your research and get feedback, and discuss synthetic biology with exciting guest speakers. Afterwards, come dine with us and experience Washington D.C.! Please contact us at the e-mail if you plan on attending or have any questions.

India iGEM Meetup

Location: Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Tamilnadu
Date: July 23
Contact: igemsvce AT gmail DOT com

Dear iGEM Teams, We ,the SVCE Chennai team are happy to conduct an Indian iGEM(meet up). We invite all the teams to the meet up. This will be a good way of communicating and will induce a better collaboration among the teams. The teams are invited to present their project which would be followed by feedback sessions and discussions regarding collaboration.The one day meet up will also contain refreshing technical events. We hope for a good response from everyone! Thank you, SVCE Chennai.

Heartland Regional Meetup

Location: Missouri
Date: July 28 - July 30
More information:

Please join us on the Missouri S&T campus from July 28 to July 30, 2016 for the Midwest iGEM meetup. Here you will have the opportunity to meet other iGEM teams, share your ideas and practice presentations, learn what other iGEM teams are developing and perhaps even develop new collaborations. The meetup will be held in July on our beautiful campus in south central Missouri. There will be plenty of time for fun with social activities, community outreach events, field trips and an optional float trip on the final day.

Want to know more about it?
Event website:
Agenda: Meetup Schedule
Register here
Or you can contact us on:

BioBuilder2016 Professional Development Workshop
July 26th – 28th, 2016

    BioBuilder2016 will be hosting a workshop @ Missouri University of Science & Technology. This three day professional development opportunity will prepare educators to bring synthetic biology and biological engineering into their classrooms and laboratories.

    The workshop will include:
    • Lectures that connect the engineering/science/math and technology aspects of these fields.
    • Labs and classroom activities taught from the online resource and the new BioBuilder textbook published by O’Reilly.
    • Discussion with members of the university research community.
    • Activities that address human practice questions such as the safety, security, economics and wisdom of engineering novel biological systems.
    • Activities that address the nuts and bolts of running a BioBuilder BioDesign Club or an iGEM team.
    • Attendees receive a copy of the BioBuilder textbook, all workshop classroom materials in ready to use formats, lunch each day, and a certificate of completion including 45 PDPs for attending.

    Date: July 26th – 28th, 2016.
    Event details: Brochure
    Dates: July 26 - 28, 2016 from 9 am - 4 pm daily
    Location: Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO
    Cost: $300 (Generous scholarships are available!)
    How to apply? Register here
    About BioBuilders: BioBuilder2016
China High School Meetup

Location: Shenzhen Foreign Languages School High School Department Yantian Road No.1, Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Date: August 1 - August 2
More information:
Contact information: iGEMSHenzhen_SFLS AT hotmail DOT com

This year, we, Shenzhen_SFLS would like to hold a meetup for all the high school teams in mainland China!

iGEM SouthWest China Union Meetup

Location: Wangjiang Campus, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China
Date: August 5
More information:
Contact information: scu_igem AT 163 DOT com

Dear iGEMers in Southwest China: In order to improve the communication and collaboration between iGEM teams in southwest China, SCU-China is honored to host the 2nd iGEM SouthWest Union (iSWU) Meetup. During the meetup, we will share our fantastic iGEM projects as well as our experience of taking part in iGEM competition with each other. We believe that iSWU will act as a platform which benefits every iGEM team in southwest China. Do not hesitate and just join us!

Meetup Ile-de-France

Location: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Date: August 6, 2016
More information:
Contact information: igem.pasteur AT gmail DOT com and igem.parissaclay AT gmail DOT com

iGEM Pasteur and IGEM Paris Saclay are inviting you to the last get-together before the Giant Jamboree in Boston! This is the perfect opportunity for the teams from Ile-de-France to practice presenting their projects and to get to know each other a little better through a picnic in the secret garden of Institut Pasteur! Registration:

iGEM Meetup Germany in Marburg

Location: Marburg, Germany
Date: August 5 - August 7
Contact information:

Hello everyone! The Team Marburg is excited to organize a national meetup for the German teams! Other teams are also welcome to attend if you have the means to come to Marburg!

We are planning to have a "Science-Saturday" to share ideas and talk about team projects, and lots of other fun activities on Friday and Saturday night! More information will be availble on our facebook event page

4th iGEM Asia-Pacific Conference 2016 Taiwan

Location: Tainan, Taiwan
Date: August 8 - August 14
Contact information:

The 4th iGEM Asia-Pacific Conference 2016 Taiwan is going to held grandly at National Cheng Kung University Tainan for the first time starting from 2016/08/08 to 2016/08/14 organized by iGEM NCKU Tainan. In the past few years, only universities from North part of Taiwan attended iGEM Competition. This year, NCKU had formed the first team representing South Taiwan as a success of historical breakthrough. By involving in Synthetic Biology and iGEM Competition, we believe that we can improve multidisciplinary cooperation. Besides, to connect every schools in Taiwan also branched out tentatively into international platform.

UK meet up

Location: University of Westminster
Date: August 17 - August 19
Contact information:

Hello from the 2016 University of Westminster iGEM team! We successfully held the UK meet up last year in which teams from Scotland, Ireland and England all came to present and have some fun. It was a great success and an amazing experience. It brought all of the UK teams together and it was a great networking opportunity. We would like to hold it again this year. We are planning to hold it on 17/08/16, 18/08/16 and 19/08/16 at the University of Westminster Marylebone campus 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS.

We are planning on 2/3 days of iGEM presentations with guest speakers in the synthetic biology field. Additionally we are going to have a few social events, including evenings out and sight seeing as not everyone has seen London and it would be a great bonding opportunity.

Please contact us on, or by team leaders whatsapp:

  • Amritpal 07532172117
  • Camila 07557789021
Valencia Meetup

Location: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Date: August 19 - August 21
Contact information: valencia.upv.igem AT gmail DOT com

In Valencia UPV team we are very encouraged this year by the presence of two more iGEM teams in Spain! Thus, we decided to make a meetup in Valencia, Spain, with the teams UPO Sevilla and UPF-CRG Barcelona.

We would like to invite any other team or team member interested in sharing their projects and experiences with us. The meetup schedule will be the following:
  • Friday 19th: the invited teams will present their projects and their progress on dry and wet lab, as well as on other aspects of the iGEM.
  • Saturday 20th:
  • City tour: Valencia is a vibrant and historical city. We will guide the teams through the key points of the city. Teams can connect and get to know each other very well with a relaxed chat in a Valencian terrace.
  • Lunch: an amazing home made barbecue in one of the most known parks in the city.
  • Get to know the trending night places in Valencia, in a special party to share and enjoy with all the teams!
  • Sunday 21st: relaxed morning to share thoughts about the iGEM, the Jamboree and Synthetic Biology.
We hope all the teams enjoy this meetup, and we will be glad to welcome any team or team member that would like to join us in this first Spanish Meetup. Valencia_UPV team

Denmark Human Practices Workshop

Location: Frederiksberg Campus of University of Copenhagen
Date: August 19 - August 21
Contact information:

For the first time ever, the iGEM team from Copenhagen will be hosting a Human Practices Workshop. It will be hosted at Frederiksberg Campus of University of Copenhagen from the 19 the to the 21 st of August. During the weekend, we will go through lectures/activities that are related to Human Practices such as “Ethics in Science”, how to make a good presentation and how to speak in public. Furthermore, we will also touch upon topics like commercialization of the projects and Intellectual Property Rights. Last but not least, we will discuss why Human Practices is important for sciences and in iGEM.

Austin_UTexas Meetup

Location: UT Austin Campus
Date: September 24
Contact: gracetexana AT gmail DOT com

The Austin_UTexas team will be hosting a meetup on the UT Austin campus on September 24. The University of Texas College of Natural Sciences will be hosting a research symposium from 10am to 5pm on this day. The Rice and Lubbock_TTU iGEM teams will be presenting condensed versions of their projects in this time. After lunch (12:30-1), iGEM teams will adjourn to a private meeting area to present their full projects amongst each other, ending around 4.

Israeli National Mini Jamboree Meetup

Location: Technion, Israel
Date: September 29
Contact information: Facebook Event Page

Email: technionigem2016 AT gmail DOT com

  • Itinerary:
  • 9:30-10:00: Welcome reception
  • 10:00-10:40: Prof. Roee Amit - Technion iGEM and synthetic biology.
  • 10:40-11:40 - Presentations:
  • * Technion team - "S.Tar"
  • * BGU team - "PlastiCure"
  • 11:40-12:30: Poster session, coffee break
  • 12:30-13:30: Presentation:
  • * Tel Hai collage - "C Cure"
  • * Danciger HS - "Flavoff"
  • 13:30-14:00; Prof. Ron Milo - WIS Sugar synthesis from CO2 in E.coli.
  • NEGEM Meetup

    Location: Boston
    Date: October 8

    The BostonU iGEM teams invite you to participate in the fourth annual New England iGEM (NEGEM) Team Meetup!
    NEGEM will have two meetups for 2016 - the first in June (to get feedback on team ideas) and the second in October (to prepare for the Jamboree!).

    For more details, please contact: Divya Israni at

    Japanese Team Meetup

    Location: Boston University School of Education, Room Number 130. The address for the building is 2 Silber Way, Boston, MA 02215.
    Date: October 26
    13:00-13:20 Welcome Reception
    13:20-15:40 Presentations
    15:40-16:00 Discussion
    Contact information iGEM Tokyo_Tech | Facebook