Requirements/Registration Requirements

In iGEM 2016, teams will register as one of three team “kinds”, and each kind will have different registration requirements. The three team kinds are:

  1. Collegiate
  2. High School
  3. Community Lab

General team registration

The following are required for general team registration. After submission of the registration application and the team registration fee, iGEM Headquarters will contact the team’s primary Principal Investigator (PI) for verification.

  1. registration application, to be completed by the team's primary Principal Investigator (PI)
  2. Team registration fee
  3. Contact with the team's primary PI
*** High School and Community Lab teams have additional requirements (see below)

High School team registration

During registration, High School teams should register as the High School team “kind”.

In addition to the general team registration requirements above, each high school team must complete and submit a set of consent forms.

Please see the High School Track page for more information about High School team participation.

Community Lab team registration

During registration, Community Lab teams should register as the Community Lab team “kind”.

In addition to the general team registration requirements above, each community lab team must complete the following additional requirements and send the applicable documentation to documents (at)

  1. demonstrate access to a BL 1 lab
  2. demonstrate an adequate safety training program
  3. must be an incorporated entity (for profit or not-for-profit)
  4. must have a legal entity which has the ability to sign contracts


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