Tracks/High School

Following the success of iGEM 2015, high school teams will once again participate as part of the main iGEM competition. This is an exciting opportunity for high school members. Not only will they be able to compete against other high schools, but they will have the great experience of the Giant Jamboree. High school teams will be responsible for the same registration fees and Jamboree fees as the collegiate teams and therefore the same timeline, deadlines and attendance dates as the collegiate teams.

For the iGEM 2016 season, High School will be a team "kind", section, and track. It is important to understand these distinctions.

High School as a team "kind":

During registration, high school teams should register as a high school team "kind". This will make it easier for high school teams to follow both the general team registration requirements and the additional registration requirements for high school. Your team profile page will reflect the status of the consent forms needed for registration, and help you keep track of which items have been submitted and which items are still pending.

High School as a section:

There will be three sections in iGEM 2016:

  • Undergraduate
  • Overgraduate
  • High School
Each of these sections will be evaluated for a set of Special Prizes. Please note that teams will still need to meet a minimum threshold for a prize to be awarded. As a section, High School teams be eligible for the High School Grand Prize, similar to the Undergraduate Grand Prize, and Overgraduate Grand Prize.

High School as a track:

Due to the experimental nature of high school in iGEM, HS teams will again participate in a High School track just as in 2015. Although they will not be able to officially choose an additional project track (e.g. energy, environment, etc.), high school teams are welcome to work on a project in one of the track subject areas. As always, teams are encouraged to work on a topic they're passionate about.

The HS teams in 2015 were very impressive and we look forward to seeing these teams participate in 2016!