NOTE: The iGEM wiki platform was upgraded to the new version of MediaWiki on June 8. For details on what this means, see the MediaWiki Update page.

Your Team Wiki Page

All iGEM 2016 teams are given a namespace on the iGEM 2016 wiki with their team name:

Teams are allowed to create and edit pages within their respective team namespace. Teams are not allowed to create or edit pages belonging to another team's namespace.

Wiki Rules

Here are the 2016 iGEM Wiki Rules. If you have any questions, please contact us at hq AT igem DOT org.

  1. Teams cannot edit, disable, hide, or alter the iGEM Login Bar?
    • All iGEM 2016 Team Wikis are required to have the iGEM Login Bar. The Login Bar includes essential links, tools, and information for all users: both wiki creators and viewers. The judges need these tools.

  2. Teams must use the Standard Pages on their wiki to be considered for awards and medals
    • We have created standard pages with static links for all awards and for most medal criteria. If your team wants to be evaluated for an award, you will need to document your achievements related to this award on a standard page.

      Please read the details about these Standard Pages here.

  3. Teams cannot use Adobe Flash on their wiki?
  4. Teams must host all content on
    • All team pages, images, documents and code must be hosted on the server.

      Load your CSS and Javascript into the wiki, either directly into your page or using templates. Do not link to scripts or stylesheets that are hosted on other servers.

  5. Teams cannot use iframes on their wiki?
    • iframes are not permitted on the iGEM wiki. See number 4 above.

  6. Teams cannot use any Copyrighted materials on their wiki, included images
    • Copyrighted images and other materials are not permitted on the iGEM wiki. (You may use materials that are appropriately licensed for reuse, such as open-source code or Creative Commons licensed images.)

  7. Teams cannot alter content after the Wiki Freeze deadline?
    • The wiki freeze for the 2016 Giant Jamboree is on October 19, 11:59pm EDT. Once the wikis are frozen, users can no longer make any changes until they are unfrozen after the Jamboree. Please note that altering content after the wiki freeze is a form of cheating.

        Important: The week before wiki freeze, iGEM experiences higher than normal traffic which can lead to strain on our servers and sessions timing out for users. iGEM HQ recommends that users do not wait till the last days to work/finish their wikis.

Important Wiki Deadlines

  • Wiki Freeze: October 19, 11:59pm EDT
  • Project Description: July 1
    • The team's project description must be documented on their iGEM Team Wiki by the deadline. The project description should be 1-3 paragraphs and only needs to include an up-to-date explanation of the project.

Creative Commons

    All content on this wiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (or any later version).