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MediaWiki Update

June 8, 2016

We have moved all content from our pages (including,, and to a new server, which has allowed us to upgrade to a newer version of MediaWiki. We have upgraded from MediaWiki version 1.16.5 to 1.24.1, providing a higher level of security for the iGEM Wiki pages and offering new features.

So, what does this mean for you and your team?

  • The black menu bar, including the login button, is now at the top of all of these pages to make logging in and navigating easier!
  • Team pages (that start with “Team:”) can only be edited by official members of that team. You must be on the team roster, be approved, and the team must be approved. This means that only team members can edit their team pages. Simply put: users can no longer edit content that does not belong to their team. This will help protect the content of your wiki page as you start adding content.
  • Images you upload will also be protected from others over-writing them if you follow this simple naming convention:
    • T(two hyphens)TeamName(two hyphens)filename.extension, which will look like this: T--TeamName--filename.extension
    • For example: T--BostonU--Flow_cyto_results.jpeg

Find a bug or problem?

If you have found a software problem on any of the iGEM pages, please send us an email to hq AT igem DOT org with the following information:
  • Subject line: Bug Report (website URL)
    • Details about the bug you found. What happened?
    • What browser were you using when the bug happened?
    • Were you logged into your iGEM account when it happened?
    • Include a screenshot of the problem, if possible
    • Include the time when the bug occurred (this can be estimated, but please indicate time zone!)

Need help editing the wiki?

See the Wiki Editing Help page.

Not sure what is allowed on your wiki?

See the Wiki Requirements page.


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