Welcome to the Resources Hub! Here you will find information, tips and advice to help you during your iGEM experience. If you have any suggestions for a new page or have any additions to an existing one, please don't hesitate to contact us at: hq at igem dot org

iGEM Resources

Start a Team

There are several things you need to consider before starting; here are some guidelines to help!


Tips and advice on how to request funding and what to consider when making a team budget.

Visa Help

iGEM can provide you with an invitation letter to start your visa application process.

Funding Opportunities

We have three iGEM partners who are offering corporate innovation opportunities for iGEM teams this year. Teams are encouraged to submit a short proposal on how they plan to innovate in the area important to the sponsor. For more information, please see the links and topics below:

  1. GenScript corporate innovation proposal - CRISPR
  2. Synenergene proposal - Human Practices/Responsible Research and Innovation
  3. Syngenta corporate innovation proposal - RNA-based Biocontrols

Discounts and Special Offers

iGEM Partner Sponsors have generously provided special offers on products and services designed specifically for iGEM teams. This year we are proud to collaborate with IDT to offer FREE DNA synthesis to all iGEM 2016. For a complete list of special discounts and offers click here.

Wet Lab

Cloning Help

Cloning is difficult. No one who has ever picked up a pipette in the lab would debate this fact. However, cloning shouldn't be impossible! This page exists to help students and teams who are struggling with cloning and other molecular techniques.

Parts Registry

The iGEM Registry is a growing collection of genetic parts that can be mixed and matched to build synthetic biology devices and systems. As part of the synthetic biology community's efforts to make biology easier to engineer, it provides a source of genetic parts to iGEM teams and academic labs.

Project Documentation

Presentation Guidelines

In iGEM, the purpose of the presentation is to communicate the project to others in an information and engaging manner. This page has some tips and advice to help you get started.

Telling your Story

Telling your story in a clear and concise way is challenging, but well worth the effort in the end. The goal of this page is to help teams understand the importance of scientific communication.

Poster Guidelines

This page is filled with suggestions and guidelines to help teams create their posters. These are not requirements - everything on this page is optional.

Wiki Editing Help

All iGEM wiki sites are powered by Mediawiki. Using/editing the wiki is a trial-and-error process. Editing the wiki is a simple, fun thing to do and you definitely get better the more you play around with it.

Using HTML, CSS and Javascript

All the iGEM web sites are built on top of MediaWiki, which allows groups of people to create and edit pages easily. This page can help you add HTML, CSS and Javascript to your wiki.