MC YEAST Stress-based detection and enzymatic degradation of the cyanobacterial toxin microcystin

Welcome to the Aalto-Helsinki 2016 wiki!

We have been working the whole summer to provide a solution for the annual problem of blue-green algae and their toxins. Here you can see how our project turned out.

From the Project page you can read all about the design and background of our project. There you can also find the project overview as well our project introduction video, “Matti and the cyanobacteria”.

In the Laboratory page you will find details about our assays and methods used in our lab work, as well as the results from the whole summer. You can also read about the safety in our lab.

The Modelling page has everything about our modelling results. There you can learn how our models were formulated and what results we got from our simulations.

Our public outreach and how we integrated it in our project design can be found in the Human Practices page. There is also discussion about the ethical side if our project.

To find out about iGEM meetups we participated in, our collaborations with other iGEM teams and the software tools we provided to help the work of future iGEM teams, go to the Community page. There you can also find the results of our InterLab study.

In the People page you can get to know our team and the people who have helped us. You can also find out about the sponsors of our project.

To see our main results, discussion on how the project turned out, and explanations for the fulfilled medal criteria, go to the Achievements page.