Team:BostonU HW/Design


Neptune Design
Functional Prototype

The functional prototype of our facilitated microfluidic workflow follows a fictitious researcher in synthetic biology, Dr. Ali. Dr. Ali is looking to automate and parallelize his ability to characterize a novel genetic part in terms of how cells express his reporter gene when various levels of inducer are present. The video below follows Dr. Ali through the entire process of creating a microfluidic device using the Neptune workflow, as well as controlling the chip with Neptune's parametric control hardware. This video demonstrates each portion of entire user-interface driven design flow and also how our control interface works in real time in conjunction with our servo-syringe control infrastructure.

{Disclaimer: The microfluidic device seen in this video is demonstrating the ability to perform biological experiments, but actual biological components are not used. Instead, colored water is used as a model for the inducer and suspended cell media.}