Team:CAPS Kansas/Attributions

BVCAPS Attributions


Thanks to our mentors Dr. Lubbers for helping us develop our idea, Dr. Riodan for mentoring us through the CRISPR process, and Dr. Eckdahl for spurring project inspiration and allowing us to come to his lab.

All lab work (plasmid and primer design, minipreps, etc.) were performed by the CAPS iGEM Team. Thank you to everyone who helped us in the learning experience created through iGEM.

Project Support

Thanks to CAPS Administration, Joe Whalen and Eric Kessler, for encouraging us to pursue our iGEM passion by leading us through labs and late night writing.

Fundraising Support

Thanks to our sponsors (listed below) for their generous donations, and to all patrons of the Middle School BioClub events. These sponsors make it possible for the CAPS Kansas iGEM team to experience, explore, and discover the amazingly complicated world of molecular biology.

Lab Support

Thanks to all the people at Twist BioScience and DeskGen for donating the gRNAs and providing technical support, and also New England BioLabs for donating E. coli cells.

Wiki Support

Our group members, Steven and Joshua, did most of the heavy lifting regarding the wiki. Special thanks to where their free, creative commons design, “Stellar”, served as the inspiration for this wiki layout.


Thanks to all who helped with the Middle School BioClub events. We are so proud and thankful to have such a supportive community that is just as excited about STEM education as we are. We hope to see you all again next year!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our sponsors and patrons that made iGEM: CAPS Kansas possible.

and special thanks to the Dickson Family Foundation