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This year, we had the honor of collaborating with three other iGEM teams to work together across the world to push forward our own project’s goals as well as theirs. We collaborated with the Munich United iGEM team, by completing their assessment as they try to figure out what factors play a role in hindering or pushing forward entrepreneurship in the biotechnology industry. The Cornell iGEM Team has recently focused heavily on business and entrepreneurship as a way to effectively and efficiently design a product that would meet our predicted consumer’s needs. Thus, we felt heavily invested in the Munich United iGEM Team’s research, as we hope that they will be able to identify factors that could be restricting our ideas as well as hundreds of start-ups.

Another iGEM team we collaborated with was the VIrginia iGEM Team and their mission to analyze awareness and use of biocontainment. We also felt that our input would be valuable to their research, as we considered biocontainment options but decided that the most feasible option would be to physically contain our biological organisms in the laboratory. Finally, we collaborated with the Cambridge iGEM Team. We were inspired by their incredible project last year of 3D printing a microscope and decided to include into our endeavor this year a 3D printed microscope to detect mastitis and bring the laboratory to the hands of dairy farmers. We are grateful for their help and the opportunity to collaborate with all the these teams!

This team completed LMU-TUM_Munich's survey on Entrepreneurship in the iGEM community.