BioBricks submitted to the iGEM registry

The table below shows all BioBricks we distributed to the iGEM Parts registry. By ordering our parts you can reconstruct our circuit or use them to create your own genetically engineered machine.

For more information about usage and design check out the registry web pages by clicking on the BioBrick name or take a look into our Lab book. If you want to use our parts and need further assistance feel free to contact us:

BioBrick Name Short Description
BBa_K1936000 ePDZ-mCherry-BAX184E Apoptosis inducing protein that can be recruited to the outer mitochondrial membrane by using LOV2 outer mitochondrial membrane anchor.
BBa_K1936001 Tom5-eGFP-LOV2 Outer mitochondrial membrane anchor which recruits ePDZ fusion protein under exposure to blue light.
BBa_K1936002 TetR-PIF6 Interacting factor of Phytochrome B fused to tetR what allows DNA binding at the tetO motif upstream of a promoter.
BBa_K1936003 PhyB-VP16 Transactivator complex that can be recruited to the DNA in combination with TetR- PIF6 under exposure of red light.

We also nominated BBa_K1936001 as our New Best Basic Part!