Team FAFU-China

        In 2016, we focused on to control mosquitoes. We cloned various Cry and Cyt toxin genes from LLP29, Bacillus thuringiensis strain. We also constructed Cry and Cyt toxin parts based on option optimization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.Meanwhile, we built toxin groups express device based on 2A peptide system. And we tested their toxicity to the larvae of various genus of mosquitoes under the safe lab environment. Considering the potential problems in the natural environment, BNU-China and ZJU-China helped us to build the growth and toxicity model to estimate the natural conditions. To introduce the practical knowledge about how to prevent and control mosquitoes, we designed a handbook covering this topic and sent it to Zambia to help local people who are trouble in mosquitoes. We are proud of our project!