Welcome to Our Wiki Page

Our Team

We are a group of students from the University of Göttingen studying in the international Master Program "Microbiology and Biochemistry", and one student from the Bachelor Program "Biology" as creative assistant.

Our Project

We intend to design, construct and introduce a synthetic Vitamin B12 exporter (= B12 Synporter) in a B12 production organism. Thereby, we aim for facilitated and higher yields in the industrial Vitamin B12 production without requiring cell lysis.


Take a look on our project roadmap to build and test our B12 Synporter, and how we designed our experiments.


In the meaning of open science, we want you to be able to follow any single step we did in the lab. Come and follow our work.


See which delicious fruits the tree of our hard work carries in the end.

Outside the Lab

Besides the lab work, iGEM also reaches out of the lab. Follow our human practice actions, scientific representation.