Oh hello there,I am Charlie,a trusty member of the "Herb Tasters" and also the brainiest E. coli in the colony.
 I know all the secrets of Chinese herbs and their magical healing powers.
 If you are up to a challenge,find me at team HSiTW at the jamboree.
 I am the one in a straw hat,showing them pearls.I will be waiting.

 Hi there! My name is Nu Zhen Chi. This is how I look like.
  Take a closer look; guess which part of me is used as medicine?
(1) the root
(2) the stem
(3) the leaf
(4) the seed

 Ans.(4) the seed
 Name: 女貞子 (Nu Zhen Chi)
 Botanical Name: Ligustrum lucidum Aiton
 I can treat people who are yin deficient, and liver problems that cause dizziness,cataract of the eyes,
lower back pain, premature graying of the hair and tinnitus.

 Hello! My name is Chuan Xiong. This is how I look like.
 Make a guess, which part of me is used as medicine?
(1) the root
(2) the stem
(3) the leaf
(4) the seed

 Ans.(1) the root
 Name: 川芎 (Chuan Xiong)
 Botanical Name: Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort
 I help with blood regulation to prevent relevant to blood stasis and non-stop bleeding.I can also strengthen your qi circulation.
 In addition, I relieve you of physical pain, such as headaches, abdominal aches, chest pain, and muscle pain.
 Finally, I free the ladies of menstrual disorders and amenorrhea.

 What’s up? My name is Dang Gui. I can:
(1) stop coughing
(2) regulate mense
(3) reduce internal heat

 Ans.(2) Regulate mense
 Name: 當歸 (Dang Gui)
 Botanical Name: Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels
 I can remove blood stasis and clots, so I am usually used to regulate menses,lubricate intestines to correct constipation, reduce swelling, expel pus.

 臧堃堂 (2005) 中華材輕百科-現代版本草綱目,山岳文化出版社,台北
 Non-Profit Organization Brion Research Institute of Taiwan.
 Chinese Herb Gallery. Jade Institute
 Herbal Glossary. Shen-Nong- Chinese Traditional Medicine
 Thank you for Non-Profit Organization Brion Resaerch Institute of Taiwan that provide us Chinese herbs and photos.

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  • Collaboraion

    • Collaboration on Media Analysis
    • Academic conference, meetings, lab work


    Collaboration on Media Analysis of gene technology related information with NYMU-Taipei

    Motivation with passion: Our team believe that media is the most efficient way to promote the knowledge and popularity of gene technology /synthetic biology(GTSB), not through sporadically independent advocate or educational activities . Thus, we are curious and concerned about what gene technology related information in the media that the Taiwanese people are exposed to and whether the Taiwanese people can understand the information. Thus, we told the NYMU-Taipei team about our idea to consult them. NYMU-Taipei revealed their passion to iGEM and ambitiously suggested that we should do something for iGEM to support its influence on synthetic biology worldwide.

    Goal: Thus, we decided to work together to conduct a large-scaled media analysis on the gene technology related information to make it as a significant project for GTSB. In this way, using social study methods, we can provide solid and essential academic evidences that can be used in future design, plan, and implement science education in GTSB. Thus, our goal is to investigate the media context on gene technology related information, and identify issues of the context.

    Work on media analysis project: We analyzed the sufficiency and readability of media context on gene technology related information from magazines, newspapers and iGEM wiki. We worked on defining the goal and scope of this project together. NYMU-Taipei was in charge of establishing conceptual framework of our media analysis, designing survey sheets (codebook) based on the framework, and retrieving iGEM wiki; HSiTAIWAN is in charge of designing survey sheets(codebook), accomplishing data collection. We analyze the data together and the results can be retrieved from the section of the Human Practice section on two teams.

    Academic conference, meetings, lab work

    We are fortunate to have opportunities to work with two iGEM teams of NTHU_Taiwan (Figure 1) and NYMU-Taipei. We worked together for discussing problems we faced and together figured out solutions for improving the protein performance in experiements. In addition to attending the 4th iGEM Asia-Pacific Conference 2016 Taiwan, we have many chances to discuss our iGEM project with these two universities. Particularly, NYMU-Taipei team gave us lectures which are crucial for us to proceed our project, gave us technical supports when we had problems, provided us lab rooms and supervised our lab work.