Team:NTHU Taiwan/Collaborations


NCTU_Formosa has been a great help to us since we established our team. They gave us many helpful suggestions about team management and experiment design. Thanks to their help, we had biobrick BBa-B0012 to finish our experiment. It's really a nice experience to work with such a great team.

September 2016

At September, team HSiTAIWAN and we had a small communication at their school. This year is second time for them to join iGEM.

We gained a lot of helpful advice about running a new igem team. We introduced project to the other, sharing the preparing experience during this summer.

Also, it's our pleasure to share our knowledge in synthetic biology to team HSiTaiwan. Meeting with motivated high school students was really pleasant and nice experience. Thanks for giving us chance to collaborate with them.

October 2016

We met team NAU_China at Asia Conference. In the conference, we shared our project and exchanged our contact way. After the conference, team NAU¬_China emailed our team leader, Chih-Hsien Lee asking help for inserting 3D object to HTML. Chih-Chen Lin who is responsible for our wiki page answered their questions.