We are a group of enthusiastic and persistent Chinese students from Nanjing University. We started our iGEM tour as sophomores and seniors in 2015. At first, most of us were unfamiliar with synthetic biology and relevant experimental skills in molecular biology. However, we made the resolution to face this challenging but rewarding course.


Our team consists of students from Life Science Department and College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The interdisciplinary team has made it possible to fully realize our vision due to a variety of special skills we harbor. We have tried to make the most of everyone’s strengths when assigning tasks, yet each team member still have the chance to keep learning something new.


The iGEM competition is truly an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to get fully involved in scientific research, from coming up with a new idea, operating experiments to carrying out human practices, designing wiki and posters. During the past year, it has become our daily routine to meet up with each other, brainstorming to polish our project. What we have gained during this period of time is not only professional knowledge, but also enthusiasm for science and how to work as a team.


Other than every incredible team member, we have also received amazing support from our advisors, instructors and sponsors.


Here comes our team profile.

Team Members





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    Chen Chen

    “Always be strict to yourself and be tolerant to others!”
    She is the team leader of Nanjing-China this year and participated in nearly all parts of this project!

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    Kuisong Song

    “Temporal worker, participate in the experiment mainly, and casually moonlight as a backman. ”
    He is mainly involved in lab work.

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    Zhen Li

    “For the whole year of 2015, doing experiments in Prof. Chao's Lab taught me a lot, physically and mentally. The feeling while first seeing hydrogen - detected by the GC machine - was no less keen than discovering a new continent after a long voyage. Anyway, wish our project a bright future, and may all iGEMers learn much from daily serendipity and the Giant Jamboree!”
    He is responsible for lab work, modeling and human practices!

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    Shuangshuang Du

    “I am Diana and you can also call me Double~ This past year for iGEM has been a year for trying everything, and I finally locate my position in Nanjing-China team in charge of Human Practice. I find it meaningful to seek advice and feedbacks while doing scientific research. Also, I feel really excited to make friends with you energetic iGEMers from all over the world!”
    I am mainly responsible for lab work, human practice and writing during wiki construction!

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    Zijie Zhao

    “Very honored to be in charge of the team's modeling and design work. Being optimistic, serious and enjoy the whole process. Hope to meet spider man dropping from the clouds in Boston!”
    He is responsible for the modelling part! He also participated in wiki construction.

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    Jingwen Lin

    “Hi, my fellow students from all over the world! What a great honor to meet you all at the Giant Jamboree! For the past months I have devoted most of my spare time to the art designing issues, like the design of our magic mascot, the modification of PPT and poster. Wish you like our idea and our unique 'hydrostyle'. I am looking forward to learning more from this unforgettable week!”
    She designed our cute logo for us and was responsible for arts!

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    Rendong Yu

    “Without the 2016 Giant Jamboree, may I fall down to the bottom of the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.”
    He did all the programming for wiki construction, which is really amazing.

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    Wenyin Su

    “The reason why I am HAMMER is that I want to be the HAMMER to knock the door of science open.”
    He did many lab work during the project!

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    Bao Wang

    “A researcher, want to have the heart of a poet.”
    He did lab work, modelling and wiki construction!

  • Miao Liu

    “Be brave!”
    She is mainly responsible for wiki construction!

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    Churong Xu

    “Genius only means hard-working all one's life.”
    She is mainly responsible for human practices!

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    Wei Jing

    “I'm on the road toward my dream.”
    She is responsible for human practices!

Instructors and Advisors

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    Jing Zhao

    Prof. Zhao is the Primary Instructor of our project who offers us a great place to do the experiments and all the fancy facilities. He also helps us to come up with the main idea of this year’s project. Through monthly report to him about the progress of our project, he makes sure that the project goes smoothly and the students can really learn knowledge and skills during this process.

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    Wei Wei

    Dr. Wei Wei is another Primary Instructor of our project this year. He has close contacts with us and almost discusses the project progress with us every day. He has provided us with many papers in the relevant field to arm us with solid background knowledge. We can’t go this far without the support of him!

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    Peiqing Sun

    “Only if you stick to your dream will you make it to the final destination.”
    Peiqing Sun is the advisor of our project to whom we owe great thanks. He not only teaches us how to design experiments, but supervises us all the time when we are doing lab work and keeps correcting our mistakes. His careful attitude to lab work really amazed us and reminded us what a good scientist should be. He is passionate about science and our project and we can always come up with many interesting ideas during discussion.


We are so lucky this year to have a wonderful leader and a group of talented students, without whom our project won’t go that smoothly. We also have support from school of life sciences for funding, from host labs for facilities and lab reagents, from instructors and advisors for close supervision and mentoring, from many experts in hydrogen production field for precious advice and from other iGEM teams for suggestions!


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Collaboration is always important in the science community, let alone the iGEM competition. It is important for different teams to exchange ideas with each other, as well as help each other to deal with difficulties and solve problems. The iGEMers from all over the world are in a big family and there is no doubt to give each other a hand. Besides, it is also important to propagate iGEM to new people and help them establish a new team.


This year, our team Nanjing-China formed close collaborations with three iGEM teams and helped to establish two new undergraduate iGEM teams.


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