Team:Queens Canada/Attributions

Team:Queens Canada

Project Advisors

Many thanks to the following individuals for their invaluable expertise and endless contributions to making this project possible!

Dr. John Allingham: Professor of Biochemistry, Queen's University

As our principle investigator and advisor for QGEM 2016, Dr. Allingham supported our team every step of the way by offering lab space, equipment, reagents, training, and expertise on everything from cloning strategies to protein purification.

Dr. David Zechel: Professor of Chemistry, Queen's University

Dr. Zechel was our primary wet lab advisor for the 2016 project, providing us with lab space, help with troubleshooting, protocols, and design. Dr. Zechel helped our team every step of the way with his expertise in biosynthesis.

Dr. Avena Ross: Assistant Professor, Queen's University

Our resident NRPS expert, Dr. Ross provided our team with invaluable knowledge and resources to novel research publications related and applicable to our project, particularly in the areas of homologous recombination and NRPS products. Dr. Ross also provided QGEM with substantial guide in design, and lab space.

Dry Lab

Dr. Robert Campbell: Assistant Professor, Queen's University

Dr. Campbell provided assistance and guidance to the dry lab and modelling components, and offered his expertise and experience in understanding and utilizing molecular simulations to test our design.

Wet Lab

Marshall Timmermans: Graduate Student in Ross Lab

Provided expertise in wet lab protocols, helped with interpreting unexpected results and troubleshooting, provided safety training for wet lab team.

Joanna Semrau: QGEM Alumni

Helped with training the wet lab team and helped with experimental protocols. Also offered to help with lab troubleshooting and provided wet lab expertise.

Additional Attributions

  • A special thank you to the Queen's Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) for providing us with an opportunity to work as Queen's iGEM research associates and for continually ensuring that SWEP provides students with all the support they need.


Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

The Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to education through the combination of multiple programs, including Anatomy and Cell Biology, Microbiology and Immunology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Physiology. Students have access to faculty members from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. The department has generously funded the team registration fees for the iGEM Competition.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Biochemistry

The Dean of Life Sciences and Biochemistry has generously funded lab reagents as well as supplemented salaries for paid members of QGEM.

Dr. David Zechel

Dr. Zechel has generously agreed to become our 2016 Wet Lab Supervisor, as well as funding our lab supplies and providing us with much-needed lab space.

Student Initiatives Fund

The Student Initiatives Fund was established by the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs to enhance the quality of student life. It provides monetary support to student groups and registered students aiming to engage the Queen's students and the greater community through organized activities, programs, or events.