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The European iGEM meet up

Evry & Ionis-Paris

The European Experience, a collaboration between Evry and Ionis, held in Paris over the 2nd and 3rd of July, was a massive success. It attracted 28 European teams from 11 countries, where each team presented their project informally through a poster.

We discovered some exciting project ideas including producing bio-plastics on Mars, and building a DIY 3D printer for tissues.

United Kingdom iGEM meet up

Westminster UoW

In August, we were invited to the UK Teams’ Meet-up at the University of Westminster. Almost the whole team decided to head to London to interact with local teams and gain feedback about our project. It was a really friendly atmosphere when we arrived and we even bumped into the UEA (University of East Anglia) iGEM team on our way to the University as we both tried to navigate our way around London.

The meet-up was a two-day engagement and both days consisting of a number of engaging talks in the morning with presentations from other iGEM teams about their projects in the afternoon.

The University of Warwick open day


Two of our team members; Jamie and Saylee went on a trip down to Warwick to demonstrate how you can extract DNA from strawberries!

Mexico Synthetic Bio video international collaboration:


TecCEM is making a compilation of videos sent from the 5 collaborating iGEM teams; Mexico, England, Germany, Taiwan, and Pakistan, regarding our experience in iGEM.

Surveys completed

We have contributed to projects and human practices studies of other iGEM teams, by providing information in the form of these surveys:

  1. Aachen on Genetic Engineering Public Opinion
  2. Paris-Saclay on Responsible Research & Innovation
  3. Groningen on Digital Information Storage & Cyber Security