Team:Tokyo Tech


Our story

In this iGEM competition, iGEM 2016 team Tokyo_Tech planned to tell the public about synthetic biology, Escherichia coli , and bacterial Toxin ‐ Antitoxin system (TA system), as well as enjoyed our activity for iGEM. We participated in the school festival (a poster session), gave classes to high school students, and collected feedback from the public as Human Practices. As a consequence of these activities, we noticed that, through the familiar story in everyone’s childhood, the public more easily gets interested in unfamiliar things such as TA system. Therefore, we decided to employ Snow White as the topic of our project this year.E.coli was used to recreate the Snow White story, and based on the simulation, the Snow White story with the prospective of the real beauty was also evaluated. Moreover, in order to respond further to the feedback that we received, the software was developed which enables selective protein production.

(See the Human Practices page)