Team:UFAM-UEA Brazil/HumanPractices/Kids

Kids Science Zone

With the story approach kids were able to understand Synbio through genetic constructions and reproduce what they learned wherever they go. This knowledge, generated in an educative and fun way, was a significative sample showing that kids are a great vector of efficient communication and they have the ability in learning things we consider complex subjects.

The video was filmed on April 2016 and nowadays we still receive reports from parents telling how their children always talk about “Merco and Bactie” story, and this is inevitable when they see the creeks and rivers in the city. We are very happy to pass on to kids the discussion and notion of genetic modified organisms and how it is used in the modern society. Also the questions concerning to biosafety and bioethics. We believe raising awareness in these little fellows will turn them clarified adults about topics like this. The main goal of Kids Science Zone was showing how bacteria are more than infectious agents, but also can be a tool to promote sustainable development.

Notice that the children said "Bactinha", in portuguese it's an approximate translation of "Bactie". Also, our kids said "superbacteria" because, in portuguese, "super" reminds "superhero", illustrating how our genetically modified bacteria can now fight against mercury!