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Human Practices

iGEM in the courthouse

Contamination has been the cause of lots of environmental issues that affects many forms of life. In the Amazon, natural resources are frequently used in a wrong way, causing damages like environmental pollution. Recent researches show there are indigenous people with 92% (ninety two percent) of their individuals contaminated with heavy metal that comes mostly from the water they drink and from the fishes they eat. In this region of Brazil fish is the basic source of protein in the diet. Paying attention to this, our team addresses the question of mercury contamination in the region we live, the Amazon, and embarked on the legal world to use the law in favor of environment and synbio!

iGEM academy: from kindergarten to grad students

With the purpose of teaching Synthetic Biology in schools, our team desconstructed the current traditional model of brazilian schools education, bringing fresh and interactive subjects, pratical, playful and accessible activites to many classes of students who enjoyed our work. Likewise, in the Universities we came with a better reasoned concept of the last scientific advances. Take a look at this revolution in brazilian education!

Kids Science Zone

Kids have this amazing talent to describe the entire world in a unique and creative way, based on what they see, feel and hear. We developed an epic story about Bactie, our hero, genetically modified by brazilian scientists, and her fight against Merco, the evil Mercury, responsible for poisoning Amazon rivers. Then, kids retold the story based on their own impressions. What the kids said? Check this out!

Crowdfunding: a quick guideline

In 2015, economic crisis cutted education and science fundings in Brazil postponed our participation in iGEM. In 2016, this barrier could not stay in our way. Soon many ideas emerged to solve this problem. Our idea was to do an online campaign for fundraising. Other great thing was to engage regular people (not only official govern agencies) to help financially our project. Plus we could disseminate our job, spreading our message about the problem of Mercury in Amazon and how we could solve this case throughout Synthetic Biology. You can check your experience below!