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Integrated Human Practice

Our human practice works try to answer “Is Indonesia ready for a vaccine that may cure HIV/AIDS?”. Thus, to answer that our human practice works are integrated from social study, education to public engagement program. We designed media such as flyer and handbook to support our human practice works. The result is proposing HIV-related education helps to leverage the awareness and to correct the misconception regarding HIV/AIDS, thus it can be a powerful tool to deprive the stigma about PLWHA and it will make the innovation in HIV treatment becoming easier because people will not stigmatize HIV/AIDS and people who suffer HIV/AIDS. We successfully delivered our human practice works to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and non-PLWHA from community level (Public Discussion Forum in Pekayon, East Jakarta) to national level (Education Fair held by Ministry of Education Republic of Indonesia, and a national seminar ‘Synbio Day’ held by our team).



National Education Day

Coinciding with the celebration of National Education of Indonesia, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with 112 social organization, education activists, and public figures organized an event called "Pesta Pendidikan (Education Fair) 2016". This national-scaled events was held in March, 1st 2016 at FX Sudirman, Jakarta. The main theme of the event is “Everyone is Learner Everyone is Teacher” (Semua murid semu guru). The fair consisted of minor events. Minor events are consisted of Gallery Walk, Talkshow, Fun Run, Music Concert, Games, and many more. This events was not only attended by people from many different interests people and students, but also attended by public figures and Indonesian Minister of education and Culture, Mr. Anies Baswedan. This events also covered by some national TV station, like Kompas TV, Metro TV, Indosiar, and many more.

As our social engagement and education contribution, UI-Indonesia team contributed in this events. We participated in gallery walk. Gallery walk is an information show and an interesting education tool for attenders. We made a Gallery Walk which contains interactive information boards about synthetic biology, HIV, and Hi-Vax as our project. The aim of the Gallery walk is to introduce and attract people’s interest about synthetic biology, and also to introduce about our research project. We also made interesting display and figure about how synthetic biology works. The intensities of the audiences was high, they were really interested to learn further about synthetic biology. Even almost all of them were wanted to be informed more about advanced synthetic biology. They also gave us support

Minister of Education and Culture Republic Indonesia visited our Booth

Public ambience at National Education Fair

School Visit

In Indonesia, students in junior high school level are first to experience studying science in specific field, i.e. biology and physics. We see this as a chance for us to introduce them not only to the amazing world of biology but also to the cool progress of synthetic biology. We successfully delivered the material about basic synthetic biology and its latest cool and fun application that easily took the students’s attention, i.e. glowing plants. We provided the students with the guidebook to our presentation and group discussions. Group discussion was brought by the method of storytelling to make the students can grasp the concept of basic synthetic biology in simple but fun way.

We conduct a class in a high school talking about synthetic biology.

All the students shows high enthusiast when we were open a discussion session. They approach us personally to ask several question regarding a new information they've just known'


Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world. It has more than 250 million people, and about 50 % of total population is student. For a country that has that numerous student in population, Indonesia should have a good education system that can facilitate everyone to learn every subject they interested in. One example is synthetic biology. We know that synthetic biology is an interesting subject, but it isn’t yet concluded in Indonesian curriculum system, even in biology subject. Moreover, Indonesia doesn’t have any website or learning tools that provide complete and comprehensive information about synthetic biology.

Based on that condition, as part of our contribution to education, we, UI-Indonesia team are trying to build a website which contains everything about synthetic biology. This website is expected to be a pioneer in synthetic biology education. We named the website “synbio-id”, which is the abbreviation of “synthetic biology Indonesia”. The website is available in url With the tagline “synthetizing Indonesian scientist”, this website will provide articles, posters, pictures, videos, and other interesting facts and informations about synthetic biology.

Our website has some menus,

This is how our home page looked like. Click here to visit our website

  • Synbio Basic : provide everything about synthetic biology basic, for those who want to know the basic knowledge about synthetic biology
  • Synbio trivia : provide fun fact and interesting games about synthetic biology
  • Synbio update : provide news update about synthetic biology around the world
  • Synbio indonesia : provide everything about synthetic biology updates that happen in Indonesia
  • Dictionary : collection of words that contains the terms in synthetic biology and its definition
  • Our projects : provide any information about the ui-indonesia team projects
  • About us : introducing the team behind the website
  • In the future, we hope this website could be an interesting and fun learning tool about synthetic biology for every Indonesian. This website will be an open access website, so every synthetic biology enthusiast can contribute articles, informations, and other contents to maintain the website’s sustainability.

Social Engagement


Synbio Day

Synbio Day 2016 : Integrating Technology and Socio-culture Perspective is a one-day event we held for collegiate and academic level. To expand our target of education, Synbio Day 2016 was assembled in four different sessions. Each was wrapped up in four different youth-friendly ways to spark interest among university students and academics from various discipline backgrounds. Rather than just conducting sessions with bored-mediocre scientific topics, we mainly discussed about Indonesia’s social and culture perception that linked to technology development regarding to the perspective towards people with HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS vaccine.

University students are flexible and have the power to reach out all levels of society, from the government to the needy. That is why we are certain that they are essensial target to reach. With empathy and the quality of critical thinking, uni students and academics can determine which suitable way to approach the people and to make recommendations for the government.

Attended by people from Jakarta to Sumbawa, Synbio Day 2016 was a big success which was independently run by only 14 iGEM members. For full length story, see ourFull Article

Talkshow session, the main session which gain a lot of public attention

We gather aprox. 200 person (mostly students) from various education-major background to talk abot Synthetic Biology in general and HIV Vaccine in particular.

Pulic Discussion Forum

It is very interesting to not only listen but also to engage in dynamic discussion with people living in area of a high HIV risk, such as in Jakarta. In Pekayon, East Jakarta, we successfully delivered a public discussion in a small group discussion model which benefit the participants in term of understanding the material being given and discussed. Furthermore, the discussion forum that we held got the good response from the citizens who participated in the forum. The “Jumantik” (peer health counselor) asked us to do the similar discussion model to the their each represented neighbourhood.

Public Discussion in Pekayon

Social Studies

We try to answer the main question in this project which is "Is Indonesia ready for HIV Vaccine ?" We viewed and analyzed this question in several aspects thus the answer that we have were fully written in our Social Studies Full Article