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Human Practice

As our human practice works are dynamic in term of activity and diverse in term of targetted participants, we design our programs not only to fulfill the goals we tried to achieve but also to integrate each program by connecting one to another. By connecting one to another, it ease us to see how our program benefit not only one targetted group or participants only. It also does ease us in term of getting findings and feedback for our social study.


Booth at Indonesian Education Fair

Goals: To introduce and educate people about synthetic biology & HIV/AIDS in correlation to our iGEM project.

Target audience: Students, stakeholders and expertise in education field, and participating NGO in Education Fair

Target output :

  • Poster presentation
  • Public education
  • Live presentation of educational learning model for basic principle of synthetic biology

Minister of Education and Culture Republic Indonesia visited our Booth

Public ambience at National Education Fair


Goals: Providing online ‘one-stop’ educational access to learn synthetic biology

Target audience: Netizens, esp. Indonesia netizens

This is how our home page looked like. Click here to visit our website

School Visit

Goals: Sparking science interest in synthetic biology to high schooler, as well as educating them about HIV/AIDS as part of our core issue

Target audience: Junior high school student (K-8 & K-9 students)

Output: “Have Fun with Synthetic Biology!” handbook

We conduct a class in a high school talking about synthetic biology.

All the students shows high enthusiast when we were open a discussion session. They approach us personally to ask several question regarding a new information they've just known'

Social Engagement

To further deepen our focus in education of synthetic biology and its application, we bring our case of DNA Vaccine for HIV/AIDS to be known and discussed in various level ranging from national level to the community level.

Syn Bio Day


  • Introducing synthetic biology to college students from various majors
  • Bringing pro and cons point of view regarding vaccine-related issue and increasing awareness about HIV/AIDS
  • Introducing UI Syn Bio and UI iGEM Team 2016
  • As part of social engagement project to iGEM 2016

Target audience: College students, experts, and college-level study club


  • Pre-test & Post-Test
  • Debate exhibition
  • Introducing UI Syn Bio and UI iGEM Team 2016
  • Interactive discussion from perspective of HIV-person, health experts, and medical experts

Target audience: College students, experts, and college-level study club

Talkshow session, the main session which gain a lot of public attention

Public Poster Syn Bio Day

We gather aprox. 200 person (mostly students) from various education-major background to talk abot Synthetic Biology in general and HIV Vaccine in particular.

Public Discussion

Goals: To discuss HIV-related issues in community level who located in high prevalence of HIV area

Target audience: People within area of Pekayon, Jakarta Timur


  1. Findings of ‘Jumantik’ (health counsellor) activity in Pekayon
  2. Request from Pekayon citizens for UI-iGEM team to conduct another session of public discussion in smaller community level

Public Discussion in Pekayon

Street Interview

Goals: To capture live reaction of Indonesian people regarding synthetic biology and HIV-related issues

Target audience: Passerby in the area of Depok

Output: Gaining public fun-public-opinion about HIV/AIDS.

Public response answering our question about HIV and it's stigma

Social Studies

To conclude and comprehend findings and responses we have got in Education and Social Engagement program, and simultaneously in interviews that we have conducted with experts and people who have involved in specific issues, we analyze and sum it up into infographic and report handbook to be used as source for recommendation and information especially for people working on issues that revolves in synthetic biology and HIV/AIDS issues.

Special Talk: Afternoon Talk with HIV/AIDS Counselor

Speakers: Mrs. Tika from Kramat Hospital, Jakarta

  1. Status quo of HIV/AIDS treatment in Indonesia
  2. Engagement method for new HIV-positive person
  3. Problems within HIV/AIDS treatment in Indonesia

Special Talk: Political Perspective of HIV/AIDS

Speakers: Mr. Haryo K. Utomo from UI Center of Study for Governments

  1. Status quo of governmental policy regarding of HIV/AIDS issue
  2. Challenges about implementation of national immunization program in Indonesia and how it might affect then-HIV vaccine
  3. Possible roadmap for HIV/AIDS issue in Indonesia

Special Talk: HIV/AIDS in the eye of gay community

Speakers: Mr. Cloud and Mr. Sent (alias name)

  1. The awareness of HIV/AIDS issue within gay community and how they inform or get informed about it.
  2. Health access and service to HIV/AIDS prevention.

Special Talk: Synthetic Biology & Its Application in Health from Sociocultural Perspective

Speakers: Ms. Genta Tenrimawangi

  1. Indonesian sociocultural perspective about biological research
  2. Position of advanced technology in our heterogonous society
  3. Possible challenges that might appear for biological research result in treating stigmatized disease