Welcome to our little family

Our team is divided into three parts: dry lab, wet lab and communication. We are a multidisciplinary group from two universities that are willing to do its best to produce an amazing project. Do you want to meet us?


Alejandro Cuetos

Hi, I'm Alejandro Cuetos, lecturer on Chemical Physics Area. I am not sure why I am working with Bacteria, but I am finding it very funny. I am the supervisor of the modeling part of the project, where we are learning very interesting things about how to predict the biofilm behavior.

Francisco Javier Lobo

Hi, there!! I'm Francisco Javier Lobo, one of the members of the dry lab. I love Microbiology and Programming, so when they asked me to join I jumped in with both feet (and a computer). I think the iGEM competition is an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. See you all!

Norberto Díaz

I'm Norberto Díaz, Dean of the School of Engenieering at Pablo de Olavide University. I'm member of this excelent group as a tutor of dry lab - communication.

Israel León

Hi! I am Israel León, a student of the Information Systems Engineer Degree in University Pablo de Olavide. I don’t quite understand what biotechnlogy is, but I love this project and its complexity. I hope you find it as funny as I do!


José Martín

Hello everyone! I'm José, a recent biotech graduate, and I'm really amazed by the potential of synthetic biology. I'm a member of the wetlab group and responsible for the propionate module. Let's make iGEM 2016 an unforgettable experience together!

Laura Claret

Hi! I'm Laura Claret, a graduate student of the Biotechnology Degree in our University. I'd never thought I would be selected for such a cool thing as iGEM, but here I am, in charge of half the workload of the Micro Wet Lab. Hope you find our project as bewildering as I do!

Álvaro Escobar

Hi iGEMers and current people! I'm Alvaro and I'm a biotechnologist. I think I'm a funny and peaceful guy, and I love making jokes. I can not yet believe that I was chosen to have the opportunity of being part of the iGEM contest. I'm excited for being in touch with teams of the whole world, and I’m looking forward to explaining our fantastic project to everyone. See you at Boston!

Rafa R. Daga

Rafael R. Daga was born in Malaga (Spain). He studied Biology in the Faculty of Science, University of Malaga and graduated on 1991. He received his Ph.D. in 1999 in Genetics in the same University. He did his postdoctoral works in the CSIC/University of Salamanca (Spain), Columbia University and Rockefeller University (New York, EEUU). In 2006 he joined the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville (Spain) where, since 2009, he is full professor. Since 2008 he has his own laboratory in the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology (CABD) in Seville. In 2010 he participated as instructor in iGEM with the UPO-Sevilla team and presented the project entitled Bacterial Crowding.

Gabriel Ruiz

Hi! I am Gabriel Ruiz. I am a 21 years old student of Biotechnology at Pablo de Olavide University. When our teacher told us about making an iGEM team, I would have never thought I would be selected to be part of it! I’m so grateful and excited, as synthetic biology is one of my two passions, apart from cinema. I would love to direct a movie about iGEM!

Fernando Govantes

And this would be me… Over the years evolved to be called Fernan and then Fer... I may end up losing my name altogether. I am the grandfather of the team and I run the Biofilms subteam. Best known for my secular knowledge on bacterial strain genotypes, transposons and other genetic gimmicks, and for being the keeper of legendary protocols and media recipes.


Maite González

My name is Maite but everyone calls me May. I am studying Journalism at the Sevilla university since 2013. I just finished my third year of my career and I am very passionate about it. My hobbies are the photografy and audiovisual creations like short-films and spot. I really love the literature, the videogames and the Science fiction too. I am interested in the popularizing of science so I think it is something very important in the last years to communicate new scientific advances. I consider myself a creative, fun and very sociable person so I am always delighted to participate in new projects. Nice to meet you.